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"Drugs become addictive the day you decide to use it to fill the gaps in your heart instead of using it for short entertainment."

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Anonymous Asked:
What is your ultimate fantasy?

My answer:


Financial stability.

"I crave so much more than just a physical connection. I crave words and depth. I crave who you are and where you came from, your desires and fears. I yearn to know every inch of you beyond the surface."

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Ayep. So give it to me.

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welcome to the FEMINIST CULT, today we’ll talk about terrifying topics such as BEING NICE TO YOURSELF and PROPER SEX EDUCATION

Sadie is the cutest Miniature Pinscher on planet Earth.


A Day To Remember | End Of Me.


Being able to find someone you click with so naturally is the best feeling ever. You feel like you’ve been best friends you’re whole life, it feels like you’re coming home. You’re so comfortable with them. Maybe that’s what a soulmate is. Not someone who shares every single thing in common with you, but someone who feels like home.



I love you sooo much MWAHHH

so fucking cute


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